Monday, January 14, 2008


Last week, I finally got the Suesh brushes that I ordered. Yahooo! I first heard about them in some magazine, when this makeup artist was raving about them. Since then I'd been hearing and reading about them constantly. I'd been wanting to replace some brushes that I had so I thought, why not give this set a try? This weekend I tried them out and I love them! They're so soft yet they were still able to hold and transfer the colors with much precision. The set also comes in a leather pouch for easy storage.

Check out their other stuff! The bristles are made from both natural and synthetic fibers, depending on the brush. Ordering was hassle free too! They just dropped by my house with the brushes, got the payment and that's that. All I need now is a new concealer brush (I'm eyeing that Shu Uemura #12) and a foundation brush (the M.A.C. #190) and I'm good to go!


jillsabs said...

i really need a case for my makeup brushes, but i don't need any more brushes :p

do you know where i can buy a leather roll or something similar to the suesh case? gusto ko kasi yung pwede i-roll up lang

Sumbongera said...

Hi Jill! I think Suesh also sells tool bags. As in tool bags lang, you don't have to buy their brushes. It retails for 1k. Check out this link:

Liz said...

nice set..

i am trying to find good synthetic brushes . most of the quality brushes out in the market are usually made of squirrel, goat, pony, sable, etc.. (animal welfare advocate pa naman ako)

Sumbongera said...

Hi Liz! Synthetic brushes... I know a lot of Japonesque brushes are synthetic, like made from Taklon. Chanel also has this great synthetic foundation brush you might wanna check out. Try to check out art stores too. Loew Cornell makes really good art brushes that can double as makeup brushes.

But hey, this gave me a good idea for a post! Thanks thanks!