Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bringing Sexy Back

We all know it's important to look good upfront. It's important to have a clear, well-moisturized, and UV-protected face, nevermind if there's not much make-up. I think what matters is that you have good skin, well-groomed brows (and no other facial hair!) and just look clean in general. Well, that goes for the back too. We may be "photogenic" up front, but it'd be equally good if we're "talikodgenic" too.

One problem that I have is that I'm prone to having dark elbows. I think it has to do both with our skin tone and with nasty habits we've accummulated over the years. That includes placing our elbows on tables (which is not only a sign of bad manners, tsk tsk, but which also makes our skin extra dark and rough) or just not exfoliating them properly enough. One thing I've noticed is that a whole lot of people, morenas and mestizas alike, share my problem. Many of us suffer from having dark elbows, which is not exactly the pretties sight in the world. Plus, I have this scar on my elbow I've had since childhood so that's double whammy for me.

One product that I've tried that seems to show results is Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream. Glytone contains glycolic acid which exofiliates dry, coarse skin. This heel and elbow cream is just one of the products of the Glytone line, which includes gel washes, facial cleansers, etc. I tried it on my elbows. What I did was, I massaged this cream onto my elbows, left it on for about 15 minutes, then rinsed it with warm water. It'll itch a little, but that's a normal part of the peeling process. As you get used to it, you can gradually increase the time to half an hour. Just remember, DON'T USE THIS ON YOUR FACE. After a couple of days, like maybe five days, the skin on my elbow started peeling. When that happens, resist with all your might the urge to peel it off. Let it peel on its own. It will, eventually, after you shower and pat it dry. The old skin will drop off to reveal whiter skin. Okay, it's not like a miracle cream, of course, but it does make your elbow whiter, smoother and softer. I'll try this on my heels next, and maybe some calloused parts of the feet. The derma said you can even use this on your knees, which is another area we often neglect.

Another problem area is our backs, which are prone to pimples. Sometimes I get one random pimple on my back and I have no idea how it started brewing there. (And I get it too just when I cannot possibly afford to get a pimple, as when I'm attending a wedding for example. Don't you just hate it when that happens?)

"Backne" develops for a lot of reasons. Backne, just like its facial counterpart, develops when our sebaceous glands produce too much oil. It can also be caused by not paying too much attention to your back when you shower so the dirt just keeps on accumulating even when you shower all the time. It can also result from the wrong type of shampoo. Some shampoos and hair conditioners contain chemicals that can trigger backne. Males are also just as prone to this beauty dilemma.

To banish backne and keep your back looking flawless, try the VMV Id Line especially the Id Soap and lotion. I gave it to my brother and it did wonders for his backne. Just a little tip: the soap kinda crumbles or melts easily, so apply it directly onto your body. Skip the loofah. You'll still feel thoroughly cleansed anyway because the soap contains beads that will smooth away rough skin.

If a friend or a relative is going to the States, ask her to buy you Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Body Wash. It contains Salicylic acid which helps get rid of back acne. Too bad it's not available locally. Another tip is to look for shampoos with zinc ingredient in it (Clear and Nizoral have it) because zinc also helps make your back stay clear and pimple free.

Just follow these simple easy steps and you can bet you'll be on your way to bringing that sexy back!


jillsabs said...

i'm very prone to backne too :(

what i do is i tilt my head forward while rinsing off my shampoo and conditioner that way none of it will trail down my back (and cause clogged pores which ends to ugly pimples).

i'm also using this anti-bacterial body wash from nu skin (my brother's a dealer so support your own :p) which is quite expensive (around Php850 a bottle) so i use it on my chest and back lang.

so far i haven't had any new backne ever since i used that, so all is right in my world :)

Sumbongera said...

I've heard some good things about Nu Skin too, especially its Liquid Body Lufra. But yes, it's pretty expensive. Ack! Still, that anti-bacterial body wash sounds interesting!

jillsabs said...

i haven't tried the lufra but i'm afraid to ask because my bro's into hard selling hehehehe

last night he introduced me to this mud mask and some face lift thing which vicki belo allegedly uses, hindi ko nga pinansin, pipilitin na naman akong bumili ng mokong na yon.

i tried this vitaminc c facial wash and facial mist, also from nu skin and it really dried out my skin! and to think that each costs more than 3k! buti na lang kuripot ako or else napabili ako ng super expensive face wash which would have irritated my skin lang.

Sumbongera said...

Really? My friend naman wanted me to try their galvanic spa. Until now I don't know what that is, but she said it's really good for the face. She was selling me the whole machine. Ang mahal! Plus it's kind of scary to do your own face pa naman, hehe. Better to let the professionals handle it!

tarayqueen said...

hi there...
just want to ask...where did u buy the cream?