Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Body Scrubs

Of all bath products out in the market, I am most addicted to body scrubs. I invest in body scrubs more than any other bath product. I like everything about them. How they smell, how they make me feel extra clean, I even like how they're packaged! Some come in plastic tubs, some in glass jars, some in regular tubes. Exfoliating is a crucial bath and beauty routine as it strips away all the dust, dirt and grime we've accumulated. I would love to get a body scrub from a spa every week, but alas, my budget will not permit it! So I just turn to relatively cheaper products for my exfoliating needs. Bottom line is, whether you're morena or not, it's important to look and feel clean all the time. I limit my use of body scrubs to twice a week though. More than that and our skin gets dry and dehyrdated.

So here are my favorite scrubs ever.

1) Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Scrub
- I tried out other Philosophy Products (Philosophy Hope in a Jar Daily Moisturizer, for example) and I remember being pretty satisfied. This other Philosophy product did not disappoint. This salt scrub exfoliates very well and smells really nice! I've even had some people ask me what perfume I'm wearing. The salts aren't harsh to the skin but it still managed to scrub away dead skin cells and make my skin really smooth and soft.

2) Origins Incredible Spreadable Body scrub in Ginger
- I was first drawn to this scrub because of its name, Incredible Spreadable. Eh ako pa naman, madaling bentahan, hehe. I just hear the words "incredible" or "super" game na ako. I wonder who cooks up these names! So I pick this up although I was apprehensive at first when I read it's Ginger. Ginger?! As in sa salabat? Anyway so I try this and it surprisingly smells good! It works really well too. It buffs the roughness away plus it brightens the skin. You really notice the difference with this product. It made my skin softer and smoother. I must say, it really lives up to its name as it's incredible AND spreadable!

3) Mark's & Spencer's Royal Jelly and Pure Honey Gently Refining Sugar Body Scrub
- Whew! What a mouthful! For only 350, this scrub works double time. It scrubs away dead skin cells plus it polishes your body with honey and sugar too! Royal jelly is a natural source of vitamin B while honey is well known for its moisturizing properties. I love it because the beads aren't harsh to the skin, it's not sticky and it smells nice. My friend's derma naman said it prevents build up of cellulite and stretchmarks daw. I'm not sure but hey, if it does, great!

4) Aveeno Positively Radiant Exfoliating Body Wash
- Aveeno's well known for its line of body washes specifically tailored for people with skin problems like skin asthma, eczema and others but it also works well for people with regular skin. This brand was recommended by my dermatologist so I tried it and yey I like it! Again, I was sold on the name palang, Positively Radiant. Okay, nobody told me "Mia, you look positively radiant!" haha but I did feel clean and thoroughly exfoliated. Plus it didn't dry out my skin even when I used this everyday.

Personal Favorites: Origins Incredible Spreadable Ginger Scrub, Mark's and Spencers Royal Jellyand Pure Honey Gently Refining Sugar Body Scrub.

Want to try out: L'Occitane Shea Butter Super Rich Body Scrub, NuSkin Liquid Body Lufra, and Kiehl's Liquid Body Scrub and Cleanser. Thank god Kiehl's already here in good ol' Manila!


pezfrio said...

You know what my favorite body scrub is? It's from Silk Secrets. I just get it from Watsons. I like the Sugar Scrub the best because it smells so yummy. Plus, it's dirt cheap, hehehe.

~liee (baklitaan)

Sumbongera said...

Hi Liee! Thanks for your comment! I always see that whenever I go to Watson's but I've never picked it up. I think I'll go try it out next time I scout for new body scrubs =)

jillsabs said...

i'm now officially intrigued by the Marks and Spencer body scrub. i'll probably pick up a tub the next time i go to the mall :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! San mo nakakabili ng Mark & Spencers body scrub? And how much yung sa number 2?