Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cheap eyeshadow

Once again, hooray for cheap stuff!

Qianyu, a cheap brand that sells eyehsadows for a grand total of P50-70 bucks, is almost as pigmented as other eyeshadows that retail for a higher price. It lasts for a good couple of hours, too, maybe not as long as other expensive brands but good enough given it is uber-cheap. Its sister brands are Aily and Baxi, which are worth checking out too.

You can find it in your friendly neighborhood tiangge.

Here's one I especially like for its colors.

Just trying it out... forgive the unruly brows. I have yet to set a date with Mae, eyebrow shaper extraordinaire of Emphasis Salon.

I used three colors from the palette: the first peach one, the red and the dark brown.


Liz said...

finally, an update! LOL

the colors were blended nicely and it compliments your nice complexion. :-)

mia said...

Hi Liz!
I know, I've been so delinquent. Tsk tsk. Thanks for the comment though! =D

Liz said...


now be a good girl and update frequently. hahaha! just kidding.

i know how it is like to be busy. i might even be on hiatus soon.

Askmewhats said...

wow, the color payoff was definitely great!!! Good fine! :D

sab said...

wow! i have to check this out! where did you get it?

mia said...

Hi askmewhats! Yup the colors were lovely. I'll link you up ha, I hope that's ok. =D

mia said...

Hi saab! I got some in 168 in Divi, and others at Riverbanks in Marikina. =D It's cheaper in 168 by around, 10 or 20 bucks.

sab said...

oh my! *runs to the nearest taxi stand to go to Divisoria*