Sunday, February 17, 2008

My first ever mineral makeup haul

I've heard soOoO much about the wonders of mineral makeup I thought I'd finally give it a shot. I ordered from Monave, since they have a local reseller and I've gotten some really good reviews about this brand. A few weeks ago, I finally got my first ever mineral makeup samples. Yahoo my first ever foray into the world of mineral makeup.

Top row: Monave Multi Purpose Minerals, L-R: Lime, Gold Salmon, Wave
Bottom Row: Monave blushes, L-R: Silk Garnet, Star Lily and Mystic Rose

Monave foundation, L-R: Hyeyeon, Teporah, Saturnina, Canela

Initial observations:
1) Monave's foundations are some of the creamiest-looking foundations I've tried. The coverage and staying power are unbeatable. The finish is really flawless and beautiful and the foundation stays on from the moment you apply it until you have to take it off. The reviews really weren't exaggerated. The foundations come in loose powder for light to medium coverage and concealer powder form when you want heavier coverage. Still, whether you opt for the loose powder or the concealer form, you won't feel as if you have too much makeup on. In fact, the foundation goes on lightly, allowing your skin to breathe and making you feel as if you have almost nothing on. The color range is fantastic too. You can also mix and match the foundation colors to match your skin tone more precisely. As morenas, I suggest checking out foundation colors in Hyeyeon, Teporah, Saturnina and Canela.

2)I'm in love with the Angel setting powder. It gives a smoother, more matte finish to your look.

3)The blushes and shadows are super pigmented, so you need very little per application. I love it because the colors are great and they're very economical to boot.

4)The delivery of the makeup samples was hassle-free. I gave my orders on a Friday morning and got the samples on Saturday afternoon. The reseller, Sophie, was very accommodating too. She answered my questions thoroughly and handled my orders quite efficiently. She even threw in an illuminizer as a freebie.

All in all, I'd say Monave is an essential element for your Mineral Makeup stash. If you want to venture into mineral makeup but don't know where or how to start, try starting with Monave. They have a very informative website, which contains just about all kinds of information you'd need about your mineral makeup needs. They also give out samples and packages so you can see which colors are right for you. Ordering is hassle-free too and you're guaranteed to get your orders ASAP.


Liz said...

I've also started using MMU recently, and I must say I'm loving it! :-)

Sumbongera said...

Yeah I think I've stumbled onto something really great here. Which ones are you using now? =)

msnotty said...

Totally, totally lovin' Monave. :)

mineral makeup said...

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ginger said...

i definitely love elegant minerals mineral makeup! :) bought them from their multiply site